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NANCY DREW RENEWED FOR ANOTHER SEASON! The CW series recently announced that they will be coming back for season 4 this fall, and fans cannot wait (me included).

About the show:

To celebrate this great news, here are my top 5 Reasons for why this show is fantastic:

  1. The characters: a diverse range of characters whose personalities balance and complement each other.
  2. The friendships: the friendships between the characters, including between the cast and crew are 😍.
  3. The writing: excellent plot twists, pacing, and foreshadowing throughout.
  4. The cinematography: grotesquely brilliant makeup and costumes, mysterious and spooky atmosphere.
  5. The location: the show is filmed in BC that features its’ beautiful forest and coastal scenery.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, check out season 1 and 2 on Amazon Prime, or watch it on HBO Max, or buy and download seasons 1-3 online.

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