Peer Review #3

Happy Monday, everyone! This week, I’m taking some time to review another class peer’s blog/website. Unlike my last reviews where we talked about movies and fashion, we will be talking about all things in the fast lane! That’s right, we’re talking cars. I will be reviewing and providing feedback for Christian at In this post, I will be writing directly to Christian.

Hi Christian, I hope you find some of these comments and feedback helpful.

Website Marketability 

The type of niche market/audience that you have established for your site is clearly indicated within the type of posts you generate. Your posts go into detailed encounters and experiences from various topics, such as buying a vehicle and getting it detailed. Although your website is about cars, your readers do not need to be car and or automative experts to follow along in your posts. This makes it very inviting for both automative and non-automative enthusiasts. The type of niche market/audience that your website is intended for works well for beginner and current automative enthusiasts, but also for casual viewers too who may be interested in learning more about cars and other automative topics.

Just have a few suggestions for you to make your website more marketable for your audience/readers. One of them is to have a few more photos, such as maybe a gallery of photos of your favourite vehicles either as a post or somewhere on the homepage as a click-through gallery. My final suggestion would be to display your social media handles on your homepage, or either at the top or bottom of your website’s page. I noticed that your social media handles are only visible on your “about” section page. By making them more visible on your website, this may help to increase reader-traffic to your website, offer other ways of engagement with your readers/audience, and help improve your website’s visibility.


I really like your website’s main header/logo. It does very well to visually represent your website and without reading the site’s title, it automatically indicates to readers what your website is about. When I look at the image, it makes me want to go for a drive with friends or take a road trip up to Whistler with my family. The mountains, the lake, and the trees all work together to illustrate the “adventures” part of your title. In addition, the visualization of the car and the park sign help to place your images, as well as create a personal, geographical connection to yourself as the creator of the website. Also, the dawn setting of your photograph creates a relaxed and tranquil tone overall, for which further illustrates the laid back and friendly environment of your website for your readers. All together, they contribute nicely to your website’s title “Christian’s Automative Adventures.” 

The minimalistic approach you used for your website’s design creates a clear and concise layout, for which allows your readers/visitors easily access and navigate the site throughout. I like how you used two tones for your website layout, which are white and grey. The white background works to highlight your blog post content, while the grey background behind your posts allows for greater contrast, especially in terms of your posts readability. In addition, I like the incorporation of different sidebar headings, such as “archives,” “recent posts,” and “categories.” This neatly organizes all your work and content that makes for a very clean and professional appeal. Great job!


As someone who does not know much about cars/automatives, I like how none of your posts are car jargon heavy because it allows for non-car/automotive enthusiasts to comprehend and enjoy your posts. My favourite blog posts are your “purchasing a vehicle from another province” and “superhero guest appearance.”

Your content clearly reflects how you have been developing your website in terms of its’ cyber-frastructure, particularly in your first blog post where you discussed the importance of cars in your life. This helped demonstrate to your readers for why you choose this particular subject for your blog/website, and further elevates it in conjunction to your “about” section. However, I noticed the little disclaimer you have at the top of your “about” section that says, “not finalized yet.” I look forward to seeing the final edit for that page. One suggestion that I have for that page would be to link it to your first blog post where you talked about why cars are important to you and your life. By doing so, you can keep your “about” section brief by linking it to that blog post for people to find out more about your site, as well as help to more strongly prompt readers to your blog posts section. 

Overall, great work and I look forward to seeing the rest of it come together!

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