Welcome to The Household Box Office (or The HHBO, for short), a blog about all things movies and TV, whether you’re watching from a theatre seat recliner, on your couch, or on your devices. Nothing beats a box office movie theatre watching experience, but there is something special about watching from home; you can pause what you’re watching, rewind, leisurely go to the bathroom, refill or fix yourself a snack, and rewatch it as many times as you want. Check out this site for reviews, recommendations, show recaps, TV spotlights and guest blog posts.

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About the Creator

I’m Sam, the House’s manager.

Movies and TV have had a special place in my heart since I was a little kid. Both of my parents are huge movie and television lovers, so it only made sense that my sister and I would be too. I watch a wide range of genres in both categories in film and TV, from thriller to horror to rom-coms to adventure and everything else in between.

Instead of attending preschool, I spent those preschool years hanging with my dad. In between running household errands, we would go into DVD stores, roam the aisles (occasionally pick up a new movie or two), and check out the massive television sets and speakers. Then we would come home, and while he got ready for work after my mom came home from her job and picking up my sister from school, I’d be sitting on the couch (or the floor) watching our latest movie buy or cartoons.

I’m a mood watcher so there is no rhyme or reason for which movies or shows I’ll be posting about. But what I can guarantee, are unique and entertaining reads, and some watchlist suggestions/recommendations to add to your own movie/show watching lists.

Now let’s kick back, grab a snack, and start watching.

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